• Kodokan Judo Black Belt 2000
  • Charles Gracie Black Belt 2019
  • NCEP Fitness Certified
  • AED/CPR Certified
  • 10+ years of Personal/Group Training
  • 30+ years of various grappling/coaching experience

The large majority in the fitness industry usually has that “I’ve been active and playing sports my entire life,” but my story is quite the opposite. I was never good at sports, usually last picked for team sports. The one thing that my parents instilled in me though was to never quit something just because it’s difficult. No matter what I chose to do, the family requirement was to stick with that decision for a minimum of one year no matter how bad I was at it. It wasn’t that they were hoping that I would get better in the year of doing it, but rather that I would learn dedication and discipline. Sometimes you think that maybe you can’t do this, or people tell you that you shouldn’t because it’s too hard and not for you, but who’s to say what you really want besides you. Judo, wrestling and Jiu Jitsu have completely changed that for me. My opponent is physically trying to beat me with whatever skill they bring. You can’t just turn off the video when you’re losing, stop running because you are winded, or walk away from a workout because you are tired. You have to finish the fight with everything you have until the time runs up. This is what built my dedication and discipline. To be better and carry on that approach to everything I do in life.